Currently, there are five theatres in three states all owned and operated separately by family members. The Hale Centre Theatres have a legendary heritage as the longest continuously running, privately owned and operated theatre company in America.

1947 Hale Centre Theatre was born!

When Ruth and Nathan Hale moved to Glendale, California from Salt Lake City in 1943 with the aspirations of beginning a career as actors, they quickly realized that the only way to pursue their dream was to open their own theatre. In 1947 they rented a small building in Glendale, and the Hale Centre Theatre was born!

Although their opening night had an audience of just six, their little 110 seat theatre began to grow. The theatre has operated now for 66 years, passing down from generation to generation until today. Everyone in the family agrees with the theater’s founder:


“It’s an exciting life, full of stress and strain, yet there’s never a dull moment when you’re in this business!”
– Ruth Hale